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Treaty of Fort Pitt

The Treaty of Fort Pitt — also known as the Treaty With the Delawares, the Delaware Treaty, or the Fourth Treaty of Pittsburgh,[1] — was signed on September 17, 1778 and was the first written treaty …

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Nanfan Treaty

Deed from the Five Nations to the King, of their Beaver Hunting Ground, more commonly known as the Nanfan Treaty, was an agreement made between the representatives of the Iroquois Confederacy with John Nanfan, …

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Treaty of 1677

The Treaty of 1677 (or the Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians 1677 or Treaty of Middle Plantation) was signed in Virginia on May 28, 1677 between Charles II of England and representatives from various Virginia Native American tribes including the Nottoway, …

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Treaty of 1646

TREATY BETWEEN THE ENGLISH AND THE POWHATAN INDIANS, OCTOBER 1646 In 1646, two years after Opechancanough ordered coordinated attacks on English settlements that killed about 500 people, the government of …

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The Treaty of Tordesillas

he Treaty of Tordesillas (Portuguese: Tratado de Tordesilhas [tɾɐˈtaðu ðɨ tuɾðeˈziʎɐʃ];[note 1] Spanish: Tratado de Tordesillas [tɾaˈtaðo ðe toɾðeˈsiʎas]), signed at Tordesillas in Spain on June 7, 1494, and authenticated at Setúbal, Portugal, divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe …

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